Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So I realize as MgRG turns 17 months old in less than a week that I haven't kept up very well on the blog. Also that I haven't made many dresses for her in awhile. But I will catch you up on a fun pattern that I found from litblueboo. This is an extreamly cute, versitile design that I had more fun making than any of the others. It is a simple halter top design with loops to hold the straps in place for little toddler hands NOT to reach. This was the First one I made for her...

I made ones for her friends too, that were adorable. (But can't find any of those pictures)

And this is the second one....
This isn't the best picture of this dress, but it will have to do. This is the same pattern as the above and round two of the Gallup Bulkhead and Dock shirt from MgRG's Papa Johnny. We always have to have one dress made with the family business t-shirt that fits her. The best part is it captures "Pawley's Island, S.C." on the back.

Here is the best looking dress of the three I made for MgRG. This was her 1st birthday dress that her daddy wanted me to make out of his stained, riped seersucker pants. We all agree that this is the cutest outfit. Especially for a South Carolina girl, which she is at heart, although she was very scared of the ocean.

Enjoy! and Happy 2011!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

MgRG's "Grow with Me" dress

So I am calling this her "Grow with Me" dress because the whole thing is adjustable! I made this out of some old sleep shorts and t-shirts. I liked them so much that I wanted her to be able to wear this through the summer so I made the whole thing adjustable.

The straps cross in the back right now, but can later be tied around her neck halter style. The trim at the bottom can be let out, and the belt at the waist ties in the back. So, yay, a fun spring, summer dress!

Friday, March 12, 2010

St Patrick's Day...

(or as it will now be known... "The St Patrick's Day Trifecta fiasco!")

I was sooo excited about making MgRG a St. Patrick's Day dress. I went and bought the fabric. I realized I could make some others while I was at it, so I made a couple of calls and found two other girls who were in need of one too. All of this would have worked out great if I hadn't decided to make them with Renaissance sleeves and if it had not been the week that Michael had his HUGE Greek assignment due....

I other words, I bit off more than I could chew (hmm, sounds like me.) Well maybe I will learn...

All three dresses got done. I got very little sleep. Michael got less. But all of the girls looked gorgeous in their dresses.

And lets face it, that's what matters, isn't it. :o)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Birthday dress for Kyleigh!

I loved making this dress!

Kyleigh's wonderful mom Jen gave me some old Univ. Wyoming t-shirts to make a dress for Kyleigh for this summer. So I worked hard to get it done for her birthday party!

My favorite part of the outfit was the string of pearls that this remarkable 1 year old found while our church group was gathering at Nono's Cafe. (great place in Denver for Cajun cookin'.) I think she must have better fashion sense than I do!

This "U" (standing for "University") is actually a pocket!

Fun puffy sleeves with bows!

...and of course no dress is complete without bloomers with ruffles!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

design to worship

So at 5am, when Michael left for work, I started thinking about the dress I wanted to make for Marygrace's first Valentine's Day. I kept tossing and turning thinking bout it, and by 525am I was up cutting out the dress from another old t-shirt I had. I had it 90% done by the time we headed to MOPS at 830am. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

I've been thinking, God has given me this talent. I want to use it to create a small side business to help ends meet. But more than that I want to use it for His glory and to bless those around me. To bring life and light and joy into their lives. Just like making these things brings to mine. To be a reflection of the God who made me and gave me this gifting. With every stitch, to praise the one who loves me, in spite of me.

As I look at this smile...

... I want to be someone that she can be proud of. But more than that I want to be someone that reveals to her constantly how wonderfully, continually loving our God is.

" If I could not say a word, my life would speak of love I don't deserve." -JJ Heller Painted Red

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A new calling for this season in life.

So, it finally happened. I now have a BLOG. Sigh. I blame Michael, my wonderful husband of 2 1/2 years. About two months ago he created A Sprig Of Hope to help him process all of what is in his mind and heart. I was very glad for him and it has truly effected many lives. So maybe I will have a go at it...

During this period that Michael has been working full time and taking a full load at Denver Seminary, I have been at the apartment with MaryGrace. As she turns 6 months tomorrow, I have been reflecting on the time we have been here in Colorado. I am very glad that I have been able to stay home and be with her. It has made a difference in ALL of our lives. But I am a people person, and as much as I love and cherish my daughter, there are times I feel more like I am in prison here with her. Add to that the "Mommy Brain Funk" that every Mom goes through, and there are days that are quite gray here in our little apartment. Well Saturday Michael left at 510am for Chick-fil-A and would not get back till 2pm. I went to JJ Heller's Blog (lovely little things, check her out! She is Crazy talented and her music is great!) and saw a dress she made out of a T-shirt. I became inspired. I decided that I wanted to make MaryGrace a dress. So when Michael got home we went through our old t-shirts and this is what I came up with...
Obviously, she like her new dress too!

I spent most of Sunday creating it in-between meals, naps, and play time. Some of my favorite parts are:

~ the Gallup Bulkhead and Dock, Michael's Dad and Brother's business in Pawley's island
~ the sleeve tips

and the rose on the skirt ( which my camera won't let me get a good picture of.)

As I dig through old t-shirts I am excited about the possibilities that are opening up. A chance to use my creativeness and work with my hands, which is very stress relieving. I now have a little bounce in my step. Thank you Jesus!