Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Birthday dress for Kyleigh!

I loved making this dress!

Kyleigh's wonderful mom Jen gave me some old Univ. Wyoming t-shirts to make a dress for Kyleigh for this summer. So I worked hard to get it done for her birthday party!

My favorite part of the outfit was the string of pearls that this remarkable 1 year old found while our church group was gathering at Nono's Cafe. (great place in Denver for Cajun cookin'.) I think she must have better fashion sense than I do!

This "U" (standing for "University") is actually a pocket!

Fun puffy sleeves with bows!

...and of course no dress is complete without bloomers with ruffles!

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  1. wow, so cute to see all those hours in the slave factory pay off! Ha!