Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So I realize as MgRG turns 17 months old in less than a week that I haven't kept up very well on the blog. Also that I haven't made many dresses for her in awhile. But I will catch you up on a fun pattern that I found from litblueboo. This is an extreamly cute, versitile design that I had more fun making than any of the others. It is a simple halter top design with loops to hold the straps in place for little toddler hands NOT to reach. This was the First one I made for her...

I made ones for her friends too, that were adorable. (But can't find any of those pictures)

And this is the second one....
This isn't the best picture of this dress, but it will have to do. This is the same pattern as the above and round two of the Gallup Bulkhead and Dock shirt from MgRG's Papa Johnny. We always have to have one dress made with the family business t-shirt that fits her. The best part is it captures "Pawley's Island, S.C." on the back.

Here is the best looking dress of the three I made for MgRG. This was her 1st birthday dress that her daddy wanted me to make out of his stained, riped seersucker pants. We all agree that this is the cutest outfit. Especially for a South Carolina girl, which she is at heart, although she was very scared of the ocean.

Enjoy! and Happy 2011!!!

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